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 Robinhood Making Dogecoin Holders RICH 2022


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Robinhood Making Dogecoin

Do you feel that, ladies and gentlemen, we are only hours away from a brand new year, a time to be excited right now, getting closer and closer to the year that you are going to become rich from dogecoin the year it is time to change financial styles. it's time to go join the one percent. 

It is time to change the way you view finances in 2022 is going to provide the opportunity for so many people with the moon landing of those coin happening next year, with robin hood watts coming out in only a matter of days. So many huge things are about to happen, and it's extremely exciting on multiple different levels. 

Now 2020, i think we can all agree that was a pretty dang a bad year, a lot of weird stuff happened that year. 2020, not a lot of fun, not a lot of happiness, a lot of terribly. And then all of a sudden, at the beginning of 2021 one that we wanted a better year, we had higher expectations.

Negative on social media

That maybe 2021 just could be a little bit better. And even though you're gonna see a lot of people being negative on social media, you'll see people will be negative all over the place, saying how terrible  2021 was the truth is, it was actually a pretty dang awesome year. We saw the doge community forming. 

So with all these big things that have been happening this year now, it's only a matter of time before the year is finally over. But we will still be able to tell some pretty cool things and some pretty damn cool accomplishments as we are right now going to dive into some of the big updates that robin hood is giving on these watts. And what's going to happen with that, and we also have this article right here. take a look, dogecoin prep for a big launch.

to rally 75%. now you'd love to see that, and we're going to talk a little bit more about that in a second. but here is the article from robin hood themselves. If you just came in, yes, go, celebrate with family or friends and enjoy the night as we break in the new year, happy new year to you as well. 

Coming in from a carlo there. 

Um, but here is the robin hood update and take a look. it says, in september, we announced that crypto watts are officially coming to robin hood, allowing customers to not only trade, but send them receive crypto. 

Now, the crazy thing is, they have now reported that it was over one million people who signed up just in the first thirty days. That number now, up to one point six million people on the weight list for romantic watts. And those people aren't waiting for bitcoin watts, they're not waiting for theory, and watts, they're not.


For any other type of lot besides dogecoin, almost exclusively so many people, millions of people are really, really, really excited about robin douglas. And those are just the people that actually signed up. so many more people are going to use it and have fun with it, basically changing the game for doge. 

With more than sixty percent of our audience on robin hood for holding the majority of the dogecoin, while we're eager to roll out products as quickly as possible, building walls and connecting our moons of customers on chain is a big undertaking. 

We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we're rolling out what's methodically and with safety first in mind, if you just came into life, yes, i agree with that. 

If you can bring yourself and get the courage to actually go and fall through with it, it really, truly does help happy new year coming in so many happy new years coming through, As we're only literally disappointed hours away from twenty twenty two, it's exciting to think about. I know ella musk is certainly gonna be having a crazy year next year as well, just like he did in all of us, did this year

if you're gonna, put your money into one at this juncture, and they also.

back to robin hood and what they're talking about, customer feedback is essential to how we build a robin hood through our alpha program. We sought feedback from a titanic group of customers from our watts weight list. They tested out the first iteration of crypto watch and share detail, design and functionality, feedback with our team to help us deliver a top notch experience. 

And they continued on talking about some of the things that have happened with alpha testing. Which is the first group of people that actually got a chance to use the watts. and they did include these additional things they're doing. 

Robinhad learned articles explaining more details about it, and also twenty four seven phone support. But here are really the main things that we need to think about here with robin hood, dodge corn, watts. It's going to be a different experience than what you're typically used to seen with wallets.

Robinhood experience 

Now they even say it right here, deliver a distinctly robinhood experience, our customer centric design and design. First approach has been a hallmark of robinhood since we started, even though what's offer a new.

with a different asset class, the alpha testers wanted it to feel familiar, and that's what will deliver. So basically, you know, robin hood, as the app, even though they've done multiple things that we've gotten very upset at them for, and we're not gonna. Forget about that will still hold them just as accountable as before, if they make mistakes, will call them out for it. 

But at the end of the day, it is cool, what they've done in terms of user interface, it looks seamless. It looks nice when new people come on board, and there may be a little bit scared of investing. Robinhood is a place where they can be on board it more easily. it's more educational. it makes more sense. It feels better to use if you're a new investor, or if you don't have experience. 

Benefit dogecoin

And so that's gonna actually benefit dogecoin massively, because with dogecoin watts being a big part of robin hood and robin hood, making them easy to use. A lot of people may not have been able or had the desire to actually go through the steps of figuring out married mask and how to use that or another, decentralized watt defied the watt space. Everything we see with that is actually a little bit difficult once you get the hang of it, it's not.

But a lot, not a lot of people want to start off as their first fourier in crypto and crypto. Watson spending it as something along those lines. plus, you also don't have the ability to easily track what's happening with your purchases for tax reasons on those decentralized watts. 

It's way easier on roundup, because they'll basically do all the work for you so that changes the game in a big way. and it's going to mean big things for dodge coin has a lot of new people on board, a lot of new people figure out exactly what they're going to be doing overall with it. And you can see this, our customers want to be upfront with educational content and help them stay informed about the process of moving their crypto. 


How many one watts or many watts, the survey and everything showed that their experience is going to be different. 66% of customers so they don't currently have a crypto watt and expect to have one address for all their transactions. that's crazy. 66% of people in roman don't even have a crypto wall yet. a lot of people who are in our community have never even spent doge coin a single time before.

well, that needs to change. that's the most productive and best thing you can possibly do for dodge coin to make it go up in value because of its use case. This is not the case, as each network will have its own different address to send and receive coins, win conducting on chain. So each coin will have its own. What address? So that's one thing that they're clarifying. 

You're not gonna, be able to do multi different what transactions for different coins. You will need that separate individual watch, and that's what's going to be provided for you there. they also want to provide some clarity on gas fees and network fees, basically explaining why you have to pay a fee. 

Transfer a crypto

Sometimes when you do transfer, transfer a crypto or buy or sell, or do something longest lines with crypto, but with the old coin and the feast being so small, it by far, has the biggest advantage of any.

On the right now on robin hood, but yeah, that's where. where is dodge act this evening? yeah, come on. Doge, we're waiting for you to give us a nice size spike to start off 2022. 

That would obviously be awesome to see, and it's not going to be long. One other thing we have to keep in mind is that with those coin and other cryptos, people are like, huh? well, i'm going to have to pay taxes pretty dang soon. 

Tax year

But if you sell in january, well, then all of a sudden your boom in a new tax year in a new tax time. So you have to worry so much about that. oh, a bunch coming in from jason, much love for that happy new year told you adjacent, you love to see that a big jet coming in mac..

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