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Would cryptocurrency crash. Welcome back, everybody. Bitcoin is pumping. Bitcoin has just cleared the huge psychological barrier of $50,000.05. Steps up one step back. Very healthy.


Would cryptocurrency crash

If you hold Bitcoin. If you are a crypto hoddler, Just for you our today's article. I want to take you through the top cryptocurrency news stories of the day. This is information that the mainstream media never reports. We do. And if you're new to our blog, make sure you subscribe on a daily basis.

We demystify the cryptocurrency market.

If you're interested in making money in cryptocurrency, let's get into it. Bitcoin is grinding higher. Taking a look at the entire cryptocurrency market, the whole market is getting pulled up today. It's a great day now. 

What's most interesting to me is Google searches. People searching for Bitcoin on. Google has yet to recover since the 50% crash over the summer. So Bitcoin is grinding higher. It's above 500 right now. 

Huge psychological barrier. Yet there's zero hype.

This is what I like to see. How about Ethereum?

Ethereum is looking great too. 

The number of Ethereum addresses holding smaller amounts of Ethan the minnows has just reached another alltime high. This is a bullish indicator to me and it's no wonder Shaquille O'Neal is the latest to join the long list.

More importantly, the ever growing list of beloved beloved celebrities with huge followings to promote a specific cryptocurrency. In Shack's case Eve, he's a big proponent and he just changed his Twitter name to Shack. Eve. 

Happy Hotel Days Shack and 2021 has been amazing for this kind of celebrity endorsement and just general acceptance. Sometimes it's Bitcoin, Sometimes it's Ethereum.

Sometimes it's Salana or avalanche or a specific cryptocurrency. Even a lower cap cryptocurrency, or sometimes just cryptocurrency in general. This is so amazing to see. 

And yet some families are torn apart by their love or hate for cryptocurrency.

Let's get into some recent news. Donald Trump has reaffirmed that he believes that cryptocurrency is dangerous. He doesn't like Bitcoin. He is a fan of the US dollar for some reason, and that's all combined with Melania, his beloved wife launching her NFPs on Salona. 

The former US President is still against cryptocurrency, but his wife just released a Salona NFT that you can only buy with crypto. I bet if Trump took the time to understand it and saw how popular this is getting, he would jump aboard right away because you just can't deny metrics like this.

We show you different coins and different metrics like this every day on this blog. Let's take a deep dive into Avalanche and let me show you some of their metrics and data, which is continuing to reach all time highs. 

Time for an avalanche of data. 

All time highs. Baby, today we hit 962,000 daily transactions. Approximately 80% of Ethereum activity, 134,000 daily active addresses, up seven acts this quarter. 13,000 unique developers up 40% month over month and averaging 11.1 TPS up over 50% month over month. we have shown you how Avalanche is incentivizing people to come over to their network. 

So this does not surprise me.

This is par for the course exactly what I expected, and it's great to see.

This is great to see Facebook now we're calling the Meta. Facebook has affirmed that they're targeting deep compatibility with Blockchain and Web Three. A senior executive at the newly rebranded Meta, reportedly urged staff to explore ways in which the company could embrace Blockchain technology. 

So it is a question of how much into Blockchain are they going to go?

And it seems that at least they're saying that this is on our radar. We'll see how it plays out, but it's good that they have to answer questions like this and it's good that they say that they are going to do this. If you are a fan of VeChain, if you are a fan of the V Chain ecosystem, this is a huge deal.

V Chain Foundation welcomes new Decks to its ecosystem to directly compete with Ethereum's uni Swap. Let's find out some details. 

The VChain ecosystem continues to grow and recently saw the deployment of a newly decentralized exchange adapter. It's called Zumo Swap, and it was designed as an alternative to something they already had called Vex Change, the automated market maker AMM and Liquidity provision protocol already launched on the Chain network.

Would cryptocurrency crash sure

So Zumo Swap is the new deck. It was inspired by Uniswap, the most popular deck running on Ethereum. Although the team has made it clear, they say after careful thinking, we decided to get rid of all Uniswap Plus Web Three code and build from scratch. 

This is a VChain project, not one of Ethereum's DApps. The decks should be able to integrate with any wallet that V Chain provides and operate with what the team calls one click swap, which is a great thing.

They claim this will improve the deck's experience as it will remove the need for users to operate with two transactions and make a token swap. So this is great for the V Chain ecosystem and great for V Chain fans. Now, Uniswap certainly is not resting on its laurels. 

They continue to achieve things.

Uniswap is now fully deployed on Ethereum layer Two Polygon. This will improve the fees and user experience for sure, and they did this with a 99% vote for this from their community to do this, the key takeaways are this the popular decentralized exchange unit swap has been deployed on Polygon, a layer two network for Ethereum. The proposal passed with over 99% of the vote and two. 4 million has already been locked in Unix Pop's Polygon deployment. 

Polygon's Magic token hit all time highs of two point 66 today because of it.

So Polygon is looking great as more and more people opt in question of the day.

  • Do you think it's cool to own a crypto punk?
  • Or Ape Yacht Club?
  • Do you think it's cool to own an NFT? 

I think people are still pretty split with that.

The news is that Board Apache Club NFT prices catch up with crypto punks. The key takeaways are as follows. The Board Apache Club floor price overtook crypto punks today. The floor price, of course, refers to the cheapest piece available on the secondary market. 

The floor price for an Ape is currently around 2100. Major brand partnerships, lucrative airdrops and engaged community and celebrity endorsements have all contributed to Boardap Yacht Club success this year.

Would cryptocurrency crash

I'll tell you one thing, if NFPs ever go through an extended, cold, awful bear market, like so many people think eventually the NFD market will not be as interesting as it is right now. And like everything, it'll go through a law. If that ever happens, I'm going to possibly buy up a bunch of these board apes or a bunch of crypto punks if they're cheap. 

Because I remember in 2018 the altcoin market, everybody was disgusted. And if you bought some of the better ones, those turned out pretty well. In other news, Elon Musk has reaffirmed that he is pro Doe amid ongoing Web three Twitter spats. Speaking of Web Three, many of you have been asking me over the past week. Well,

what is Web three? 

Exactly? How is it different from Web two or Web one or what is all this?

I'm going to answer that for you right now and I encourage you to go follow us on Twitter. Linked at the very top of the description. We're getting very close to 1 million followers on Twitter. 

Everybody go follow us on Twitter right now. We drop stuff like this on the Daily. So what is the Web three times for a thread? Web 30 simply explains and is easy to understand, like and retweet to help your community. Web won the first stage of the World Wide Web. 

Would cryptocurrency crash

Static pages barely connected, mostly read only brick and mortar thinking applied to online web. Two dynamic contents. Read, write and connect. The rise of social media users interacting and contributing content. The downside to Web two in Twitter's, Web two, Facebook's web to the downside is that you are the product your data is collected and profited off of. 

You have no rights.

You are at the mercy of the CEOs and the shareholders and they can kick you off at any time, bringing us to the promise of Web three, read, write, own, execute semantic web. Look that up. Plus open distributed ledger technology. Crypto equals more intelligent, connected and open websites. 

Plus verifiable ownership in the digital world.

More permissionless, more censorship resistant, more user centric, interoperable, ubiquitous, greater Privacy and user rights. We'll see how it develops, but I did want to clue you in. That is Web Three. You can tell your friends.

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