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Warning to Cryptocurrency Industry. This year we saw a lot. the crypto markets really came alive. the n f t revolution uh, we saw d five go crazy. yeah, one from, i think 10 billion, the market capped a hundred.

We saw 10.5 billion dollars worth of loss uh in defied. Because, of scams and bad software and all kinds of problems. Uh, we saw yet another year of covid madness. Uh, where the world continued to linger in being shut down goal post continue to be move. 

We all got vaccinate in u s, and that doesn’t count. Still have to do everything we did in 2020. So it’s ah, it’s been tough, it’s been incredible, ah, it’s been great, it’s been terrible and everything in between. This blog on everything going on in crypto currency. 

Founder of cardo

What cryptocurrency to invest in 2022?

Charles hoskinson has just issue a major warning to the cryptocurrency industry in 2022. He also offers a solution, and he also talks about cardonald role and cardonald big plans in 2022. 

This blog will update you on everything that you need to be paying attention to check the time stamps below. We drop minimum one blog every day demystifying the cryptocurrency market. We keep you informed on a daily basis.

Let’s do it. let’s jump to clip number one, the cryptocurrency industry, according to charles hoskinson, has two huge problems. 

The first problem comes from the outside. 

Crypto’s. first problem comes from the outside

It is that they will continue to lie to the general public about cryptocurrency in two thousand and twenty two. I’m talking about congress. Senate politicians will continue to lie to you about crypto currency.

The mainstream media will continue to promote fear, uncertainty and doubt, and will rarely mention good things about crypto. It is because cryptocurrency is directly challenging. Their centralized authority. So the first problem the cryptocurrency has to deal with in 2022 comes from the outside. Listen to this, i caution every single person going into.

Our success as an industry

We’ll be test

It has to be, because if we succeed. We will change the power structures of humanity itself.

there’s going to be lots of scrutiny. this information lies and other things told by the legacy system we already see it.

we see people in the congress. We see people in transnational bodies say that the only use and utility of cryptocurrencies is money-laundering child pornography.

Evading sanctions, all kinds of negative conduct, consequences

But yet they never mentioned all the good things. The fact that we can transform and change people’s lives, give them economic agency that they lack. They never mention that the legacy system takes three billion people and cast them into perpetual poverty.

They don’t mention that they don’t mention that the legacy system enables the wealthy and powerful.

To work with the very criminal elements they purported to want to destroy and suffer no criminality.

They get away with it.

And when we expose that, it’s very inconvenient, very uncomfortable for them.

But you cannot perpetuate alive forever. And you have to ask yourself how stable our institutions. and structures that are built on a house of cards.

they may have lofty titles. they may have legacy and history, some cases stretching back centuries, if not thousands of years. But if the core is hollow in the foundations are corrupt, corrupted, cracked.

That all you need is a little bit of a push.

How big is the cryptocurrency industry

And that’s effectively what we are collectively doing as an industry.

We’re giving the human race a little bit of a push, not a big one.

But enough.

Enough to see what’s on the inside of these institutions, how the sausage is made.

Secoend problem comes from the inside

Problem number two for the cryptocurrency industry comes from within. the cryptocurrency industry itself has promised a lot. The cryptocurrency industry itself has written a pretty big check. listen to this, we have a pretty big check. we wrote as an industry.

Warning to Cryptocurrency Industry

If you look at the valuation, two trillion dollars, you look at the statements, the books, the articles, the blog post, the videos, the courses, they all say the same thing. change the world, change the world, change everything, re-imagine everything.


And that’s what we were promise. and what did we get pictures of rocks?

That sell for million dollars.

Buzzword buzzword, buzzword networks that purport to be centralize, but when they stop working, somebody kick somebody, restart.

But hey, great returns, right? so.

Yeah, just keep doing that.

And billions of dollars of losses because of incompetence and malice. Willful theft and criminal conduct, and a mentality that it’s better to be first than best.

That is a pretty big check that we’ve written as an industry, and we haven’t cashed it.

Which cryptocurrency is best for 2022

Somebody has to, let’s talk about the solution to these problems in 2022, if you want to know which projects are the quality ones, which projects you can best focus your time on which projects will stand the test of time. Focus on fundamentals and merits look for cryptocurrency projects that are gearing themselves to be resilient and decentralized. Don’t let them distract you with fod and scapegoats. Listen to this, there’s a very good reason why satoshi left.

For that reason alone, it’s why bitcoin is so strong.

You see, it’s so easy in society to put somebody at the top and say that person’s the leader. And then you can centralize all of your criticism. And attacks and personify the effort, according to the person at the top. Don’t like catholicism, well, attack the pope.

That’s a good starting point, pretty good assault

Equivalently for corporations, protocols, ideologies, you always try to attack the person at the top. If there’s no one at the top.

Then you have a much harder task in front of you, which is you have to attack.

The philosophy, the merits you have to argue against what we stand for. and.

  1. And how can you argue against liberty and freedom?
  2. How can you argue against the desire for equality?
  3. And for people to be treat fairly.
  4. How can you argue against applying innovation towards making people’s lives better?

Warning to Cryptocurrency Industry 2022

Global markets, where each and every person is respect there aren’t double standards. There isn’t cynicism, there isn’t this attitude of. Well, that just the way it done.

There aren’t.
Special actors who get to go in through the back door
How can you argue against that?
What are you, gonna argue technical merits?
How do you argue against hundreds of papers?
Written with the same science that has given us the modern world. how do you
Argue against an open source project?

That has no face

You can’t.

  1. So the attempt will always be to personify the demonize.And each and every project in the cryptocurrency space has already been test. And.
  2. The leadership of each and every project has been attack.
  3. Look at twitter and what they do, look at the media and what they do.
  4. And that’s why it’s so pivotal that we continue the relentless march towards building a proper, open source project. It’s our biggest challenge next year.
  5. You want fast delivery, you want high quality code.
  6. At the same time, you want resilience to centralization. face lessness.
  7. These things often are at odds with each other. inclusivity slows you down.
  8. Because you have to wait for everybody to speak.
  9. Inclusivity also means that some people participating will lead you astray.
  10. And downloads that are confusing, in many cases, actually harm the project.

What will happen to cryptocurrency in the future

Yet somehow, you have to have an immune system to take the good with the bad, because that is the way.

Let’s talk about cardano, because cardano is gearing up for a huge 2022. But if cardinal is to be successful in 2022. The efforts need to come not from the top, not from the top few. But from the many, the efforts need to come. Not just from charles himself, but from everyone. Listen to this, there are almost fifteen companies working on cardona right now across the world, sun never sets on the project.

We need to make that hundreds.

And then eventually thousands, we need institutions like universities and nation states to actively cooperate and collaborate.

And have a stake in the success of this project, if we truly intend on transform.

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