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How to get blue acorn ppp loan


How to get blue acorn PPP loan. First new information today, after a former phoenix cop was arreste, accused of stealing covid relief money. Investigators found links between her criminal case and four others, resulting in millions of dollars of fraudulently obtained federal loans.

Neighbors said, they felt safer knowing a phoenix cop lived on the block. They smile all the time, super friendly neighbor.

But now former officer tony richardson is accuse of stealing from them. In fact, from all americans, according to this federal indictment.

PPP Paycheck Protection Program
Implemented by The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Established by 2020
Reopened on January 11, 2021
Details information Wikipedia

She’s accuse of fraudulently obtaining paycheck protection program loans for 83 fictitious employees for a business called the lotto club.

This is the business’s website, but the lotto club’s office was empty. When we went wednesday night. The ABC15 investigators uncovered when richardson was indicte for alleged p p p loan fraud. So were six other interconnect people in a total of five cases totaling nearly seven point four million dollars in loans.

How to get blue acorn ppp loan

Taxpayer money that was suppose to help small businesseS pay employees. And keep their doors open. Instead, prosecutors say it was inappropriately funnel into the defendants bank accounts. Tony richardson is indicte in just one case involving the lot of.

But her codefendant willie blue mitchell. Was also indicte last month in three more fraud cases. For businesses sigma cuts, school of beauty, sigma cuts, medical training, academy. And u c, c, a n, one of mitchell’s co-defendants.

In some of these cases is shawn s.wiring,or he’s indicte. With his wife in another p p p loan case for a company call cryotherapy for veterans. Look here, they flipped around the sign. This was cryotherapy for veterans friday, the abc15. Investigators went to several addresses that were suppose to be tie to these businesses.

We found they had clear out or were lock up an empty camera there. Neighbors say they saw law enforcement agents several days ago at this south phoenix house linked to willie.

No one came to the door. good, my name’s melissa with abc fifteen. and when we tried to track down sean swirling around his wife at a different cryotherapy business, they’re unavailable at the moment.

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